Dyson DC47 Ball Compact

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Dyson DC47 Ball Compact

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Dyson DC47 Ball Compact Animal Canister Vacuum

Famed for making some of the most powerful, attractive and effective vacuum cleaners around, Dyson has added to its high-end range of compact cylinder vacuums with the Dyson DC47.
Although vacuum cleaners as a whole are a range of devices that are not famed for their aesthetically appealing, desirable designs, Dyson has become renowned for creating arguably some of the most visually impressive machines on the market, and things are no different with the Dyson DC47.


2 Tier Radial™

cyclonesTwo tiers of cyclones increase airflow for powerful suction.

Ball™ technology

Turns on the spot and follows you effortlessly around the home, without the awkward moves.

Compact and light to pull

Weighs just 13.8lbs. Easy to store and light to pull across all floors.


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